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Vario Sign Stand

Vario Sign Stand

Available exclusively from Anchor Safety, the Vario stand system is the smart, cost effective alternative for displaying warning signs to motorists and pedestrians at roadworks. Fully compliant with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual and TS4 (Dept. of Transport), it offers a flexible, robust, easy to deploy method of positioning roadworks warning signs.


The Vario system allows the user to mount and dismount signs quickly and easily providing protection for roadworks site personnel and members of the public, while also negating the use of the traditional heavy and bulky roadworks signs. The Vario system is cost effective as different sized signs (600 & 750mm) and supplementary plates can be mounted on the same standard base unit.


The stand allows signs to be mounted vertically so that they face motorists straight on (rather than at an angle such as with the steel/plastic frame systems) providing maximum visibility, especially in low light/ poor weather conditions. Vario signs are faced with retroreflective material certified to Class 2 of EN12999 providing maximum reflectivity in all weather conditions.


The stand folds flat for storage and transportation purposes, freeing up space in works vehicles. Optional storage frames are also available to provide a safe and efficient method of transport and storage. Existing roadworks signs can be easily utilised with the Vario base unit by attaching the Vario adaptor to the rear of the sign. A full range of signs and supplementary plates are available.


Please contact us for a quotation or to discuss your requirements further.

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