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Universal Manhole Lifting Key Kit

Universal Manhole Lifting Key Kit

The universal manhole cover lifting key kit comes with a set of 14 quick-release interchangeable end tips to suit a variety of eyelets/key slots on manhole covers, drains, and access chambers. All parts are independently destruction tested by Lloyds British Testing and certificated with a Safe Working Load of 250kgs (1000kg straight pull test).



  • Zinc plated carbon steel
  • Quick-release collar on tips of handles
  • 14 interchangeable key tips
  • 250kg safe working load
  • Open various manhole covers with one kit


Kit contents:

  • 2 no. 440mm handles c/w quick release collars
  • 2 no. 33mm t-tips
  • 2 no. 22mm t-tips
  • 2 no. 10mm hook tips
  • 2 no. 10mm screw tips
  • 2 no. 12mm screw tips
  • 2 no. 16mm screw adaptors
  • 1 no. short stopcock tip
  • 1 no. long stopcock tip
  • 1 no. roll sack & instructions 
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