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Sievi 52190 Rival S2 safety trainer

Sievi 52190 Rival S2 safety trainer

The Sievi 52190 Rival S2 safety trainerprovides protection with its lightweight aluminium toecap while the breathable outer material and the lining’s soft 3D structure ensure the shoes are comfortable to wear. The upper is comprised of  PU coated leather and split leather. The full length insoles are anatomically shaped providing added comfort. Available in sizes EU 36-47 (UK 3-13).


The aluminium toecap protects toes from falling objects and compression and is 50 % lighter than traditional steel toecaps. It meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard: shock resistance is 200 J and resistance to compression 15000 N.


The microporous FlexStep® sole material developed by Sievi allows for exceptional shock absorption and flexibility and creates excellent friction on slippery surfaces. The construction of the FlexStep® flexible sole eliminates stress and shocks to the feet and spine helping to prevent foot and back pain. The FlexStep® flexible sole is featured on all Sievi footwear. SRC rated for slip resistance.


The 3D-dry® lining, developed by Sievi, transfers moisture from the foot to the second layer of the lining and further through the upper and away from the shoe thus keeping your feet drier and more comfortable.


As with many styles in Sievi's range the Rival S2 is ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) rated having a low electrical resistance (between 0.1 and 100MΩ). This prevents a build-up of static electrical charges in the human body by sending these charges to the ground in a very safe and controlled manner. They guarantee to prevent the sudden flow of electricity between electrically charged objects caused by contact.

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