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Scangrip Tripod

Scangrip Tripod

The Scangrip Tripod  is designed for stationary and flexible positioning of work lights to meet any situation where flexible illumination is key. Extendable from 1.35 to 3.0m the tripod offers high stability and complete flexibility to position the work light into the required height and angle.


The tripod is made of durable powder coated steel and a welded steel mounting cap (10 mm thread) ensures the durability of the universal tripod stand. When not in use the tripod folds to a compact with a weight of 6 kg. Streamlined in both design and construction, the Scangrip Tripod can be used both indoors and outdoors. The stable construction of the Scangrip Tripod makes it safe even when fully extended.


To increase safety when in use the cable of the lamp can be fixed in the safety clips placed on each tripod leg. The optional Dual Bracket is available for the positioning of two lamps on the Scangrip Tripod and is suitable for mounting the second generation Nova lights. 

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