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Mullion 3MXA Compact Supreme 150N PVC Lifejacket

Mullion 3MXA Compact Supreme 150N PVC Lifejacket

The Compact Supreme 150N PVC inflatable life jacket from Mullion is ideal for both offshore and rough weather use as well as inland waterways/rivers and lakes and offers a high standard of performance. Its compact design allowing for very good freedom of movement for the user when compared with standard sizes lifejackets. It has PVC reinforcement which is abrasion resistant and can be wiped clean.


Suitable for use by both swimmers and non-swimmers, the Compact Supreme has both a manual and automatic (United Moulders) inflation mechanism and is rated to 150 Newtons of buoyancy (actual buoyancy of 172N). The lifejacket includes a crutch strap and when deployed it turns the user into an upright position in the water and requires no subsequent action by the wearer to keep their face out of the water (performance may be affected by weight and type of clothing).


Automatic: Uses a United Moulders inflator cartridge which triggers when the firing mechanism comes in contact with water.
Manual: Inflation is triggered using the pull cord at the bottom of the life jacket.


Key Features:

  • High abrasion resistance fabric at sides and lower edges of the cover to prevent wear & damage.
  • Durable wipe clean PVC reinforcement.
  • Comfort collar padding to the back of the neck.
  • Mesh fabric at back for better weight dispersal.
  • Protective cover over zip to reduce possibility of water ingress leading to inadvertent inflation/protects zip from abrasion and damage.
  • Marine grade stainless steel interlocking belt buckles and D-ring approved as deck safety harness for attachment of safety line.
  • Detachable crutch strap
  • Inflation system operational readiness indicator
  • Single chamber inflatable bladder with oral inflation tube & SOLAS reflective tape
  • Red recovery grab strap on bladder marked “LIFT”
  • 38g CO2 gas cylinder & marine grade whistle
  • Certified to EN ISO 12402-3/6:2006 +A1:2010 (personal floatation device 150N)
  • Certified to EN ISO 12401:2009 (deck safety harness)
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