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ManUp Key drains set

ManUp Key drains set

The ManUp Key provides a one-person solution to allow stuck manholes to be released, without chiseling or hammering, minimising damage to covers and surrounding area.


Its patented slide hammer is easy to operate and upward action exerts a momentary force (over 1.0 tonnes from its 6.6kg weight) that is capable of releasing stuck, jammed and rusted chamber covers quickly and efficiently.


The drains set includes the following interchangeable tips: 22mm & 32mm flat tips, 12mm J-hook tip, and 8mm cleaning tip.



  • One person solution to release manhole covers
  • Slide hammer action provides a momentary upward force
  • 2 pairs of handles for choice of grip
  • Non-slip soft rubber grip for comfort
  • Multi-directional interchangeable tips



  • Lifter key: 800mm x 35mm dia.
  • Handle width: 280mm
  • Material: Plated Steel
  • Weight: 6.6kg
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