Luminator LED Spotlight

The Luminator  is a professional, high power, rechargeable LED spotlight . This handheld  unit has a 300m, high intensity, spot beam  with a maximum output of 1200 lumens  and is ideal for activities such as hunting, security and wildlife observation. Product Features:  Rechargeable: With a runtime of about 2.5 hours the versatile, rechargeable LED spotlight comes complete with a mains charger and has an approximate 8 hour charge time. High Performance: The 1200 lumens LED light source is both powerful and efficient, delivering outstanding output with a 300m, high intensity, spot beam. Ergonomic design: The unit is well balanced, comfortable to use and features a textured, finger contoured handle designed to fit securely in your hand. High Quality Construction: The spotlight is encased in a durable weatherproof polycarbonate body, providing excellent protection from the elements. A flawless reflector and high impact Lexan lens ensure the beam is always perfect. Warning: This LED spotlight is extremely bright and can cause damage to eyesight. As with any high powered torch never look directly at the beam or shine the spotlight directly at the face or eyes of others.