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Hazard safety signs

Hazard safety signs

Hazard safety signs must be used whenever a risk or danger can not be avoided adequately or reduced in another way. If there are hazardous areas or materials on your premises it’s essential that the potential risks are highlighted to staff, visitors and the general public. This can be done through the use of hazard signs and these are widely understood helping businesses or organisations comply with current regulations, creating a safer working environment.


At Anchor Safety we supply hazard signs in a range of materials & sizes to highlight all types of hazards. We can offer guidance on the type, size and material to best suit all locations and budgets. A business logo or brand can be incorporated if required. All pictograms will adhere to ISO 7010:2019 (technical standard for graphical hazard symbols on hazard and safety signs) and artwork will be provided for approval before proceeding with manufacture.


Please contact us to discuss this further.



  • Risks/hazards are highlighted
  • Various materials/sizes available
  • Suitable for installing in many types of locations
  • Signs can be pole mounted (aluminium signs)
  • Logo/brand can be incorporated on sign
  • Pictograms adhere to ISO 7010:2019

Material options:

  • Aluminium (can be wall or pole mounted)
  • Composite aluminium
  • Rigid plastic
  • Corriboard (corrugated plastic)
  • Self adhesive vinyl


Note: Although text can be included on safety signboards it should not be required as the symbols/pictograms on a signboard are intended to be understood independently of the language ability of the worker viewing it.


Some Important Points:

  • The workplace risk assessment and safety statement should identify necessary signs
  • Safety signs must never be a substitute for necessary protective measures
  • The objective of the system of safety signs is to draw attention rapidly and unambiguously to specific hazards/actions/prohibited actions
  • Safety signs may only be used to give information related to safety
  • The effectiveness of safety signs is dependent on provision of full information
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