Guardian Goalpost

Guardian Goalpost

The Guardian Goalpost is a lightweight, telescopic pole system that provides a highly-visible proximity warning of nearby overhead cables. The system can be rapidly and easily assembled up to 6m high (19 ft) by one operative, then packed up and transported to the next site after use. The posts, manufactured in non-conductive glass reinforced polyester resin, are linked together by bunting and each post is fixed into a weighted base, fabricated in galvanised steel.


All overhead power lines can be lethal - don't take the risk. Use the Guardian Goalposts as part of your safe operating procedures!



  • Lightweight and easy to set up and move around site
  • Simple and fast assembly by just one person
  • Compact when disassembled, a full set can fit in the back of a car
  • Reusable, again and again


Each set consists of:

  • 2 no. 6m (19ft) red/white telescopic poles (retracts to 1.6m/5ft)
  • 2 no. galvanised steel bases
  • 1 no. 25m (82ft) length of red/white warning bunting 

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