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Epi-Shield Barrier Cream

Epi-Shield Barrier Cream

Epi-Shield barrier cream is a water-based hand cream designed to protect and shield the hands from the damage caused by repeated hand washing, hand sanitising (e.g. alcohol based sanitisers) or working with harsh substances. It is a white, unperfumed, light-textured cream with a unique scientific formula that acts both as a protective barrier and emollient (reduces water loss from outer layer of skin). Epishield is available from Anchor Safety in both 250ml and 1-litre pump action bottles and a wall mounted dispenser option can also be supplied.


Maintaining your hands in good condition is extremely important, especially for those that work in the healthcare profession or other occupations where hand hygiene is important e.g. food industry, doctors surgeries, primary care, personal care industries, etc. Repeated hand washing, hand sanitising or working with harsh substances can remove the skin's protective lipids (oils) allowing the skin to dry out and become cracked and damaged.


To prevent/reduce this damage it is recommended that a pea-sized amount of Epi-Shield Hand Cream is massaged into the hands used every 4 hours to provide triple action protection for the skin.


1. Moisturises
EPI-Shield Hand Cream is a water based barrier cream and it contains emollients or moisturisers including propylene glycol, ceryl and oleyl acetate that moisturise your skin keeping it soft and supple.


2. Protects:
EPI-Shield Hand Cream contains dimethicone which creates a fine barrier on your hands that helps protect them against the effects of water and other harsh substances that may cause irritation.


3. Prevents:
EPI-Shield Hand Cream contains Triclosan which helps inhibit the growth of transient bacteria including MRSA thus helping prevent the spread of infection.

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