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ConeFix LED cone warning lamp

ConeFix LED cone warning lamp

The ConeFix LED cone mountable warning lamp was developed for use in all conditions, including poor visibility and at night, increasing the safety of the working area.


The LED on the ConeFix is activated automatically when placed on a traffic cone (min. 500 mm high) and turns off once removed. Once active, the LED light will warn approaching vehicles about hazardous spots ahead.


Each ConeFix unit is powered by a standard 4R25 6-volt block battery and offers an operation time of between 430 and 970 hours, depending on the Amp-Hour rating of the battery used (9AH vs 20Ah).



  • Single 6V battery LED Lamp
  • Automatic switch On/Off when cone mounted/removed.
  • Quick and easy mount, no keys or tools required
  • Integrated cone bracket for firm grip
  • Robust design to meet harsh operational requirements
  • Superior and even light output with polycarbonate lens
  • Long operating times with min. power consumption (up to 400 hrs)


Technical specification:

  • Operation time: 430hrs/970hrs (9Ah/20Ah batteries)
  • Light: Amber LED, unidirectional
  • Power supply: 4R25 6V battery (9Ah/20Ah)
  • Flashing rate/min: 60
  • Dimensions: 260x185x185mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
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