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Clearway Mould & Algae Cleaner

Clearway Mould & Algae Cleaner

Clearway is a non-chemical surface treatment which eliminates mould and algae on paths, patios, decking, walls, masonry, fencing etc. It is non-hazardous, safe to use around plants and animals, non-aggressive to surfaces, and may be used in traditionally sensitive areas. Not only does Clearway remove algal growth and mould, it will also protect surfaces by inhibiting further growth for up to 12 months. This improves surface safety (by removing the slippery effects of microbial growth) and appearance while reducing the frequency of cleaning surfaces of growth, thus cutting retreatment time and costs.


Clearway Concentrate complies fully with the EU Biocidal Products Directive, REACH and has HSE (UK Health & Safety Executive) Certification. It's environmental footprint is minimal compared to aggressive cleaners such as bleaches and acids and so, is the safer, more environmentally friendlier and cost effective way to overcome mould, algae and moss concerns.


Clearway is available as a concentrate in 5 litre and 20 litre containers  and should be diluted 1:9 with water (mix 1 litre of Clearway with 9 litres of cold water). 1 litre of concentrate will make 10 litres of usable product which will treat about 90 sqm and is best applied with a backpack/knapsack pump sprayer.


Use Clearway to clean and then protect patios, decking, driveways, garden furniture, etc. from algal growth and mould. Because of it's protective action it can also be applied it to new structures preventing mould/algal growth in the first place .


Other suggested uses include caravans/campervans, UPVC cladding and guttering, garden furniture, awnings, sheds, kennels, greenhouses and garden ornaments. 

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