Canader Cold Lay Asphalt

Canader Cold Lay Asphalt

Canader™ is a cold lay asphalt product that is equally well suited for pothole repairs, utility installations, pavement overlays, or other roadway repairs. It is a versatile, year-round, road repair product that can be used equally well in cold or hot weather, and in wet or dry conditions. Repairs with Canader are permanent and need not be removed if repaving the old road surface. We supply Canader in pallets of 20kg bags (50 per pallet) and it may be stored for up to 12 months unlike many similar products that have a limited shelf-life.



  • Permanent repair: Why repair the same potholes over and over when Canader can do the job with a single application
  • Easy to handle: Canader remains flexible and workable, even on the hottest or coldest days
  • Convenience: Canader is available in packaged (20kg bags) or bulk form (up to 28 tonnes)
  • All weather: Even the wettest, coldest weather conditions will not impair Canader 's performance
  • No delays: Areas repaired with Canader can be opened to traffic immediately after application
  • No waste: Shelf life of up to 12 months
  • Cost effective: No other product is comparable when all of the above are take into consideration


Note: While Canader is a permanent repair solution it is not suitable where there is an absence of a continuous rigid edge (e.g. a pothole running onto a grass/soft verge), or at turning points for 3-axle vehicles.


Canader has been type tested and possesses a CE mark and a declaration of performance as is the legal requirement since 01/07/2013 under the Construction Product Regulations (EU Directive No. 305/2011). These regulations, in part, refer to the patching & repair of potholes and permanent repairs around manholes, narrow openings, channels & depressions (including emergency patching). Bituminous products must comply with these regulations as specified and examples of these criteria are:


  • Minimum 12 month shelf life
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN13108
  • Manufactured in a plant/facility that has ISO 9001 accreditation.


Canader is also available to the public in 20kg bags from the following hardware suppliers:


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