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Alfan Reflective Barrier Tape

Alfan Reflective Barrier Tape

Protect the public today with Alfan retro-reflective barrier tape available exclusively from Anchor Safety.


Alfan barrier tape is a high quality, non-adhesive, polypropylene barrier tape used to highlight or cordon off hazardous or dangerous areas. Available in both 50 and 80 micron thicknesses it is much stronger than the standard tapes available and is capable of withstanding long periods of exposure to the elements.


One unique feature of Alfan tape is that it includes non-removable retro-reflective stripes printed directly on the tape making it especially effective at night and in bad weather conditions when visibility is limited or uncertain.


The standard version (50 micron thickness) is already in use by Councils and Local Authorities throughout the country. This barrier tape is also available in 80 micron thickness for use by the Fire Service with a custom overprint of the text "FIRE & RESCUE  -  DO NOT CROSS". 



  • Manufactured in durable, high quality polyethylene
  • Non-removable retro-reflective stripes printed directly on the tape Highly visible, day or night, and in bad weather conditions
  • Can withstand long periods of exposure to the elements
  • Can help to reduce accidents and provide reassurance to the public
  • Roll dimensions: 250m long x 75mm wide, 50 micron thickness (no text)
  • Roll dimensions: 250m long x 75mm wide, 80 micron thickness (Fire & Rescue)
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