450mm Ring Buoy/Lifebuoy

450mm Ring Buoy/Lifebuoy manufactured to Water Safety Ireland specifications - polyethylene foam filled ring buoy with 50 Newtons buoyancy and rope attached to it's circumference. See Water Safety Ireland website here: http://www.iws.ie/emergency-situations/guidelines-for-the-erection-and-usage-of-ringbuoys.320.html
Housing: Pole/wall mountable housing to hold the 450mm ring buoy. This polyethylene housing includes the bilingual "A stolen ring buoy, a stolen life" label.
Floating rope: Yellow & red polypropylene floating rope, 6mm in diameter (as per Irish Water Safety specifications). Supplied cut to length (25 metres) and also available in 250 metre coils.
Rope Bag: Optional product designed to aid in the storage of the rope and deployment of the ring buoy. Manufactured in durable polyester bag incorporating 25 metres of rope.
Mounting Bracket: Aluminium bracket used when mounting the above housing to standard 76mm diameter poles.
Ring Buoy Sign: Highlight the location of the ring buoy with this aluminium sign suitable for pole mounting.
Pole Sleeves: Red and yellow plastic pole sleeves suitable to fit over 76mm diameter pole and highlight ring buoy location.