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3M Optime II ear defenders

3M Optime II ear defenders

Optime II ear defenders (ear muffs) from 3M/Peltor has been developed to offer hearing protection in environments typically associated with substantial industrial noise such as factories, manufacturing plants, construction sites, airports and agricultural settings. The sealing rings are filled with a unique combination of liquid and foam, resulting is an optimum seal with low contact pressure and which provides snug comfort even for long periods of use.


Available in overhead/headband, back-of-neck/neckband, and helmet clip-on versions all include easy to replace cushions and inserts to help keep them hygienically clean. The helmet mounted version fits directly to many industrial safety helmets without the need for an adapter.


Optime II ear defenders conform to EN 353-1 (Hearing Protection - Ear Defenders) and have an SNR value of 31 dB (headband/neckband, H=34dB, M=29dB, L=20dB) or 30 dB (helmet mounted, H=34dB, M=28dB, L=19dB) . The SNR (Single Number Rating) indicates an attenuation/reduction value averaged over high, medium and low frequencies. An SNR value of 31 dB (decibels) absorbs 100 dB and reduces it to 69 dB.



  • Designed for very noisy environments
  • Modern slimline cup design
  • Deep ear cups
  • Soft, wide ear cushions reduce pressure around the ear
  • Fluid and foam-filled sealing rings with ventilation channels
  • Comfortable for people wearing glasses
  • Adjustable to suit any shape of head (headband version)
  • SNR/attenuation (headband/neckband): 31 dB
  • SNR/attenuation (helmet mounted): 30 dB
  • Conforms to EN 352-1: Hearing Protection - Ear Defenders
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