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3M 6099 A2B2E2K2HgP3 gas, vapour & particulate filter

3M 6099 A2B2E2K2HgP3 gas, vapour & particulate filter

The 3M 6099 gas, vapour and particulate filter (pair)provides A2B2E2K2HgP3 breathing protection against organic vapours (boiling point above 65°C), inorganic vapours, acid gases, ammonia and its derivatives, formaldehyde (up to 10ppm), and mercury particulates. Suitable for use with 3M reusable full face respirators featuring the bayonet filter connection system, which allows filters to be twisted and clicked into place for ease of fitting.


Conforms to EN14387: Gas filters and combined filters, A2B2E2K2HgP3 (A: organic gases and vapours with a boiling point higher than 65 °C, B: inorganic gases and vapours, E: sulphur dioxide and other acidic gases and vapours, K: ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives, all Class 2: medium capacity, up to 5000ppm, Hg: mercury, P3: filters 99% of airborne particulates)


Applications: Working with solvents or acid gases such as toluene, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, bromine or chlorine. Using paint & thinners (non-icocyanates), using varnishes & resins, chemical manufacturing & handling, acid cleaning, degreasing, spraying handling agrochemicals, mercury vapours, formaldehyde, solid and liquid particulates



  • Combines protection with comfort and balance
  • Designed to optimise your field of vision
  • Bayonet-style connection fits a 3M reusable full face masks
  • Twist and click for a quick and easy fit
  • Conforms to EN14387: Gas filters and combined filters, A2B2E2K2HgP3


Before use it is essential that all instructions have been read, the correct respirator/filter is chosen for the risk involved, and a correct fit is achieved. 

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