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3M 5925 P2 particulate filter

3M 5925 P2 particulate filter

The 3M 5925 P2 particulate filter (pair) provides breathing protection against solid and liquid particulates when attached to 3M 6000 series gas and vapour filters (using the 3M 501 filter retainer). This lightweight filter offers low breathing resistance and will not obstruct field of vision. Can be attached directly to 3M reusable masks without the need for gas/vapour cartridges using the 3M 501 filter retainer and 3M 603 filter adapter.


Conforms to EN143: Particulate Filters (P2R reusable filter, solid & liquid particulates)


Applications: Drilling, sawing, sanding, grinding, spraying



  • P2 protection to filter at least 95% of airborne particulates
  • Lightweight with low breathing resistance
  • For use with 3M reusable masks
  • Attachs to 6000 series gas/vapour cartridges (3M 501 retainer required)
  • Attaches directly to reusable masks using 3M 501 filter retainer & 3M 603 filter adapter
  • Conforms to EN143: P2R reusable particulate filters


Before use it is essential that all instructions have been read, the correct respirator & filter is chosen for the risk involved, and a correct fit is achieved. 

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