3M 2135 P3 particulate filter

3M 2135 P3 particulate filter

The 3M 2135 P3 particulate filter (pair) provides breathing protection against solid and liquid particles. This filter can be attached to any 3M reusable half or full-face masks with a bayonet-style connection, and can be clicked into place quickly and easily. They offer low breathing resistance and good balance when connected to the mask, and their flexibility means they fit comfortably under welding shields.


Conforms to EN143: Particulate Filters (P3R reusable filter, solid & liquid particulates)


Applications: Power tool sanding, wall/ceiling repairs, working with insulation materials, mould and lead, hardwood flooring, spraying, metal grinding



  • P3 protection to filter at least 99% of airborne particulates
  • Combines protection with comfort and balance
  • Flexible enough to fit comfortably under welding shields
  • Lightweight with low breathing resistance
  • Bayonet-style connection fits a wide range of 3M reusable masks
  • Twist and click for a quick and easy fit
  • Conforms to EN143: P3R reusable particulate filters


Before use it is essential that all instructions have been read, the correct respirator & filter is chosen for the risk involved, and a correct fit is achieved. 

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