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Logo Service

As a leading supplier of workwear, corporate wear, and security clothing Anchor Safety has also established a reputation for providing superior garment customisation via our in-house embroidery and printing service. We have an extensive range of garments available to suit your requirements/budget and our experienced staff will guide you through the process ensuring you select the best solution available. Whether it's t-shirt printing, transfer printed jackets, embroidered shirts, embroidered polo shirts or embroidered baseball caps we can do it all and much more!

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When promoting your business you want your logo to stand out and nothing beats the quality and style of an embroidered design. Once we have discussed your needs (size, location, quantity) and suitable garments have been selected the process involves three main stages:

  • You provide us with a good quality image of your logo (JPEG, PDF, etc.). If required we can produce a representation of the final design for evaluation & approval.
  • Your logo is then digitised, converting the artwork into a format that can be recognised by our embroidery machines (there may be a cost involved depending on the type and size of the design).
  • The selected garments are embroidered as specified, and then heat pressed, folded and packed in preparation for collection/delivery.


Sometimes embroidery just isn’t the best option for you and if that’s the case we also offer an excellent range of printing solutions suiting small batches (including single items) or large volumes. Depending on the type and quantity of garments, the design required and the number of colours involved, we can offer thermal transfer printing, vinyl printing, sublimation, and screen-printing services. We will happily discuss the options available and help you select the process that best suits the garments selected and the design to be printed.


Safety Helmets

To identity safety helmets with your business logo there are two options available - helmet labels and helmet printing.


Helmet labels

Helmets labels are a more cost effective alternative to direct helmet printing as small batches of labels can be produced (minimum quantity of 18 labels) and applied to existing helmets. Helmets labels can be manufactured in full colour once suitable artwork has been received. Please note that we adhere to the strict guidelines dictated by our helmet manufacturers regarding the type of label allowable.


Helmet Printing

On receipt of suitable artwork we can arrange this to be carried out at source by the supplier/manufacturer. This option is more durable than helmet labels but the design to be applied is limited to a maximum number of 4 colours. Also a minimum order quantity of 40 helmets is required.

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